Rezginele:vasario|February 10, 2010
Posted by juozas on February 11 2010
Labas, Mieli Skaitytojai,

Sunday, Feb. 14th: Mass at 11am, minejimas after mass.

Guest presenters: Nijole Narmontaite, a well-known actress and performer in Lietuva.  Nijole performed and hosted in Toronto at Lietuviu Dienos this past October.  She is vivacious, dynamic, and talented.
Paulius Kovas will share his experiences of the Ambersail journey of this past summer.

Come hear two very dynamic people. Refreshments will be served.
An excellent opportunity to get your KLB paid dues up to date!


Flexibility, strength, energy, self defense.

Did you know that...

Jujutsu and kung fu, like Tai Chi, Chi Kung and other forms of eastern gymnastics  mainly aim to bring health to their practitioners.

While exercising to gain flexibility, strength, coordination and developing your cardiovascular capacity, you work a series of exercises designed to build, preserve, move and release the Chi (Ki), vital force.
According to Asian philosphers : The one whose chi is balanced maintain good  health.

This course provides very effective self-defence techniques.

Come and experience energy &renewal: jujutsu and kung fu now available in the AVP Church Hall, (near metro Jolicoeur).

Thursdays: 19:30 to 21:00
Cost: $40 per month.

Call Robert Beland