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Rezginele: kovo|March 31, 2009
This Sunday is Palm Sunday.

Holy Week Masses are scheduled as follows:

Ausros Vartai:
Holy Thursday:  6:00 pm
Good Friday:     5.30 pm
Holy Saturday:  5:00 pm
Easter Sunday: 7:00 am  (there will not be an 11am Mass on Easter Sunday)
Everyone is welcome to the Hall after Mass for refreshments.
Please feel free to submit your ideas and suggestions for AVP.  The suggestion box is in the church entry.  Paper is provided.
St. Kazimir's:
Holy Thursday:  6:00 pm
Good Friday:     3:00 pm
Holy Saturday:  6:00 pm
Easter Sunday: 8:00 am
Please note that the traditional coffee will be served following Easter Sunday mass.  All are welcome to attend.


VAIKU KIOSKAS / KIDS BOUTIQUE  will be serving up coffee, cookies, and cards this Sunday (Palm Sunday) at AVP,  after 11am Mass.  The coffee is hot, the cookies are fresh, and the cards are all hand-made. Come and have a taste!
(Aciu Rutos Klubui!)

SAUSAGE TIME!  DESROS! Everyone's favorite:
Orders must be placed before Sunday evening (April 5th) with:
Alice Skrupskis:  514.257.6761; or
Nijole Sukys:      514.593.6859
They are sold in 5 lb pkgs. and are $4.50/lb.  Orders must be picked up at St. C. Hall Saturday, April 11th.  Time will be confirmed when you place your order.

OUR LITHUANIAN SCHOOL is looking for a new head administrator.  Zivile is retiring after 7 (8? Time flies!) years of principal-ing.   Contact her for more details: 514-428-0333.

A site from our Honorary Consul, Arunas Staskevicius.  Be sure to put your cursor in the picture, so the picture moves!  Gorgeous!

Check out our Montreal Lithuanian Choir on the Lithuanian web-site:

Rezginele: kovo | March 16, 2009
AVP, Kazy's, Choras, Mokykla, TZ...

Rezginele:vasario|February 10, 2009

Rezginele:sausio 29, 2009
extra note at the bottom....

Rezginele: 2009m. sausio 29d.
AVP meeting, adults at school, minejimas...

Rezginele:sausio 15|jaunuary 15, 2009
A question of survival...

AVP:2008m. gruodžio 21d.
Atliepiamoji psalmė: "Viešpatie, tavo malones giedosiu per amžius"

Rezginele:gruodzio|December 12,2008
Dashing through the snow...

Rezginele:gruodzio|December 2, 2008
21 days 'til Christmas!

Rezginele:lapkicio|November 6, 2008: Lunchtime!
Labas, visi skaitytojiai!

Who would have thought it would be so hot in November:

This Sunday, November 9th, after Mass.
Good food brought to you by Paulauskas&Co.
Hot lunch includes wine.
Contributions are welcome for the loterija (bring lots of coins!), and for the sweet table.
Loterija donations can be dropped off at the Klebonija, and sweets can be dropped off before Mass.
Tickets are 25$ for adults, 15$ for AVP choir members, and kids get to eat for free!
Tickets are with Harold Celtorius, at the Klebonija, and through Andreja tel: 450-550-4765.
Please note that this is an ideal time to pay your church membership / dues.  Forms will also be available to register yourself and your family.  An accurate count of registered parishioners will be necessary in future dealings with the Diocese.

Prof. Leonidas Donskis is the Director of the Political Science and Diplomacy School at Vytautas Magnus University , an essayist, philosopher, and host of the Lithuanian TV discussion show on culture and politics “Without Spite.”

He will be speaking on “A Litmus Test of the Century and its Social and Moral Order: Lithuania in the Twentieth Century.”

Wednesday, 19 November, 1100-1230 hrs. at McGill University.


Lietuvos Respublikos ambasada Kanadoje

McMaster universiteto Sociologijos departamentas ir Globalizacijos institutas

Toronto universiteto Munk tarptautinių studijų centras

Carletono universiteto Europinių studijų centras

McGill universiteto Europinių studijų centras 

Maloniai kviečiame tautiečius apsilankyti! 

Universitetams prašant, dalyviai registruojasi ambasadoje iki lapkričio 13 d.

tel. (613) 567-5458, el.p. litemb@storm.ca


Arunas Staskevicius

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in Montreal




Prof. Leonidas Donskis yra Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto Politikos mokslų ir diplomatijos fakulteto dekanas, eseistas, filosofas, Lietuvos televizijos kultūros ir politikos pokalbių laidos “Be pykčio” vedėjas ir visuomenės veikėjas.

Jis skaitys paskaitą „A Litmus Test of the Century and its Social and Moral Order: Lithuania in the Twentieth Century” (Šimtmečio visuomeninės ir moralinės santvarkos lakmuso popierėlis: Lietuva dvidešimtajame amžiuje).

Trečiadienį, lapkričio 19 d., 11-12:30 val. McGill universitete.



Arūnas Staškevičius

Lietuvos Respublikos garbės konsulas Montrealyje


The Montreal Lithuanian Choir invites everyone who has ever enjoyed Christmas  to the launch of "ADESTE FIDELES"

On Sunday, November 30th, 2008, come and celebrate this brand new compilation of holiday music. The songs are in Lithuanian, English, French, Spanish, and Latin, they are old and new, traditional and contemporary. 

Buffet lunch and live presentation of selected songs from the CD for 12$.

Loterija.  Wine will be available.

Tickets are available through any choir member, and tables can be booked with Andreja at 450-550-4765.

Of course, CDs will be available for sale that Sunday, 20$!

Great Christmas gifts!  Great music!


Update: Roger has found a new home, and will not be spending the winter at my back door.

Thanks to all who expressed their good wishes for his safe future!


Rezginele: spalio|October 29, 2008

..sausage time, and other stuff...

Rezginele:spalio|October 6,2008
No teaching Cert, that's ok!
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