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Rezginele:balandzio|April 6, 2010
Labas, Gerbiami Skaitytojiai,
Happy Spring!
LIETUVISKA MOKYKLA:  We hope to see everyone back at scholl this Saturday. Please note that the kids' classes begin at 9am!
'KRYZIU IR RUPINTOJELIU LIETUVA" will be presented at St. Kazimir's this coming Sunday, April 11th.  Selections from the cantata will be performed before and during 11am Mass.  Lunch and CD sale will be held in the Hall afterwards.  Wine and lottery will also be available.
$20.oo per person.
Come enjoy a beautiful work by Montrealers Aleksandras Stankevicius and the late Henrikas Nagys.
Saturday, May 15th, 2010, at 6:30 PM.   The date has been changed to accomodate more people!!!!
Please check out the attached list  for past members of Gintaro Ansamblis...who do you keep in touch with? 
Is anyone not on the list, who should be?
How many people can we find?
See the pictures!   Spread the word!    Facebook: Gintaras
Food, bar and Pegasus will be playing!!! Bring your dancing shoes...
We are still gathering old pictures for a presentation so if you have any you wish to share, please contact Rimas.  rimas@videotron.ca
Don't forget to RSVP with me!  ziviledave@yahoo.ca
Hope to see many and pass on the invitation!
Zivile and Rimas
Well, it turns out that there is a fabulous group of food lovers, touring the myriad restaurants of Montreal, and having a lot of fun doing it!
The group includes diners of all ages, gentlemen and ladies, who explore the gastronomy of our fair City, year round.  No reasonable price point is left unturned, no palatable cuisine is left untested.  A destination is e-mailed by Barbara, the fearless leader, and those who can come, dine!
For more info, or to get on the contact list, please contact Barbara Bulka:
 514-264-8951  514-264-8951

In Lithuanian, various compilations of today's 'who's who'...please see the attachments for further details and ordering information.
Laba diena, mieli tautieciai, pries tukstanti metu Lietuvos varda i istorija ir pasaulio zemelapius irase nedidelis epizodas, kuri uzfiksavo svetimi istorikai. Siandien Lietuvos istorija kuriame patys ir jos varda garsiname savomis rankomis, savo darbais, savomis vertybemis ir laimejimais. Projektas "Kas yra kas Lietuvoje" siekia iamzinti si iskilminga momenta ir issaugoti ji ateities kartoms. "Kas yra kas Lietuvoje. Auksinis tukstantmecio leidimas" - tai Lietuvos fotografija jai zengiant per tukstantmeciu slenksti. Siekiame, kad tarsi nuotrauka seimos albume, kiekvienai naujai kartai ji primintu, kas esame, is kur atejome, kur einame ir ka paliekame. Leidinyje pateikiamas biografijas tyrines busimos kartos, ieskodamos kiekvieno nuopelnu Lietuvai. Tai atmintis ir garbe. Lietuva turi kuo didziuotis.
Prisegtuke rasite isamesne informacija apie leidini, taip pat kitu "Kas yra kas Lietuvoje" serijos knygu sarasa su aprasais.
Paskleiskite sia informacija savo bendruomeneje ir tikimes, kad Lietuvos vardo paminejimo tukstantmeciui skirtas leidinys "Kas yra kas Lietuvoje" bus patikimas vedlys, leidziantis geriau pazinti savaji krasta ir iskiliausius jo zmones.
Monika Žulytė
UAB,,Informacinių leidinių platinimo centras"
Gaižiūnų g. 52a, LT-50111 Kaunas
Tel. (8 37) 33 04 44
Fax. (8 37) 33 02 25
Mob.tel. (8 698) 01336
El.p. platinimas@neolitas.lt
Stewart Hall Singers present Mozart's Requiem, along with Haydn's "Missa Brevis":
Saturday, May 1st, 7.30pm
Mountainside United Church, 4000 The Boulevard, Westmount
Tickets are 15$ and 20$ at the door.  I have a few tickets available, just send me a note!   Daiva
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