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Rezginele:kovo|March 24,2010
A tasty invitation....
Kugelis !  At St. Casimir's on March 28, 2010 following the 11:00 am mass.  ALL are welcome.  Cost is $10.00 per person and includes Coffee and dessert.
Easter is just about here!  Here's the schedule for St. Kazimir's;
April 1st:  Holy Thursday:  6:00 pm
April 2nd: Good Friday:     3:00 pm
April 3rd:  Holy Saturday:  6:00 pm
April 4th:  Easter Sunday: 8:00 am
ATVELYKIS:  Kryziu ir Rupintojeliu Lietuva
Sunday, April 11, 2010
This year, in lieu of a lunch at Ausros Vartai, everyone is invited to mark the end of the Easter season with the Montreal Lithuanian Choir.  The choir will join Ausros Vartu and St. Kazimir's choirs at St.Kazimir's parish, where 11am Mass will be celebrated with exerpts from Alexandre Stankevicius'  cantata, "Kryziu ir Rupintojeliu Lietuva".
Lunch will be served in the hall, there will be a lottery, and CDs of the cantata will be available for sale.  Lunch: 20$
Dainu Svente is fast-approaching.  This olympic-sized event has 1100 registered singers, 
and will draw many visitors to Toronto this coming July.  Here's an opportunity to advertise your business, or say 'Labas' to everyone  by including your, or your family,'s latest picture.
Please see the attached form!....
Dainu Svente, Continued....
Marijonas Mikutavicius will perform at Svente.  Here's a sampler!
Ticket information:
Can't wait!!!!
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