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Rezginele:vasario|February 1, 2010
Labas, Mieli Skaitytojai!
Cepelinai are back , rescheduled for SATURDAY, FEB. 20th, at St. Kazimir's.  10am.
Everyone who registered for the cancelled January sesion is automatically registered in the February session. IF you cannot be there, PLEASE advise!
We look forward to seeing the group then!


MARDI GRAS TIME!      Tradicinis Užgavėnių Balius

Montrealio  Neringos ir Mindaugo šaulių kuopa ruošia

BLYNŲ Balių  Aušros vartų parapijos salėje.   Vasario Menesio 7 diena, 2010 metais, 12.30pp      15.00$

February 7th, 12.30pm...15$  for a traditional pancake lunch.  Come enjoy the great food, the company of friends, and the music of John Rimeikis!



This year the Minejimas will be held on Sunday, February 14.  Mass at 11am (all organizations are welcome to participate with flags and tautiniais rubais).

Guest presenters: Nijole Narmontaite, a well-known performer in Lietuva.  Nijole was the performed and hosted in Toronto at the Lietuviu Dienos this past October.  She is vivacious, dynamic, and talented.

Paulius Kovas, organizor of, and sailor with, the Millenium Odessey's Ambersail voyage from Lietuva to North America this past summer.

Come meet these fascinating and dynamic Lithuanians!

This is also an excellent opportunity to support  Kanados Lietuviu Fondas by bringing along your 10$ annual membership. Light refreshments will be available.


REKOLEKCIJOS: Lent is fast approaching!  This year, rekolekcijos will be led by a young (27 years old!) Tev. Laurynas Grikietis, from Kaunas.

Weekend of February 27th, 28th.


St. Kazy's Parapijos Pietus  This year:  Sunday, February 28th, 12.45pm.

"Melodija" will sing,.

The food will be, of course, great!

Tickets: 25$ in advance, 30$ at the door.  Youth aged 10-16 years: 15$.


Ausros Vartu Parapija:  tax receipts for 2009 donations will be available as of Sunday, February 7th IN THE KLEBONIJA after mass.


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