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Rezginele:sausio|January 12, 2010
Sveiki, Mieli Skaitytojai!
Hmmm...As we haven't quite lost the holiday glow, a few more jewels worth remembering: Ramunes Ramanauskaites solos at AVP's pre-Mass choir concert, especially "KALEDOS", which leaves everyone singing along, Colette Favretto's dedicated organ accompaniement and solo pieces,  and the choir's heartfelt Linksmu Kaledu.  As one choir member said, "The Christmas eve concert and Mass were fantastic....brought back memories of the traditional Ausros Vartu choir of the glory years.....Gloria in Excelsis Deo..........!"
A short while ago I received an interesting e-mail from a Montreal Snowbird (Aciu, Bob!).  If it forwards as I think it should, please take the time to check out the links to the films included below.  Absorbing films about Lithuanian history; "Road to Freedom" covers the period from the late 18th century to the present day.  "Millenuim" tells the engrossing (and somewhat convoluted!) tale from 1000AD to the 17th century.  All this in two roughly 30-minute episodes.  Fantastic music. The commentary is not mine, and I hope the original sender doesn't mind being included....  I'm attaching a link in case...
CEPELINAI / COOKING CLASS:  The session for this week-end is VERY booked.

Thank you to all who have signed up...we'll see you at 10am on Sunday, January 17th, at the St. Kazimir's parish kitchen. Please feel free to bring along your beverages for lunch!  ....and a potato peeler!....and 10$!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Subject: [LithRatPack] 30 minute multi-media presentation -- "Road to Freedom: Lithuania"

Hello / Sveiki,

Now is the long New Year's 2010 weekend ...
today, I am sorting my e-mails from 2009 ...
I found something, a multi-media presentation: about Lithuania,
which I think that you may wish and would enjoy to see ...

Perhaps, it would be appropriate to send this on February 16
(Lithuania's National Day);
but, why wait ?
And, perhaps you have some time this weekend,
to watch a thirty-minute film ...

Title: "*Road to Freedom: Lithuania*"
by Dr. Darius Udrys (of Los Angeles, California, USA)
released February 16, 2009
about Lithuania, during the period from ~1792, to the present.

*English language:* http://blip.tv/file/1772859
(Angliskai kalba)


Lietuviu kalba:*
<http://blip.tv/file/1770829>( Lithuanian language)

*** MY C O M M E N T ***

-- My critical analysis is that the presentation is excellent ...

-- For Lithuanians, this presentation will be: highly emotional and
patriotic, enhance remembrance and understanding of our history, and be
useful to share with non-Lithuanians ...

-- For non-Lithuanians (and notably for students), this presentation will
assist in the understanding of Lithuania, especially in the 20th century ...
the presentation would be highly-suitable for groups; although such would
benefit from simultaneous commentary by someone who is familiar /
knowledgeable with what is being portrayed ...

*** Some details ***

-- In the first one-half of the presentation: most of the city photos are of Kaunas (Vilnius was occupied by Poland ~1919-~1939) ... notice the 1920--1940 Lithuanian prosperity, which disappeared under the Soviet system ... notice (towards the end) the Kaunas photos of some Lithuanian civilians persecuting Jews ...

-- In the second-half of the presentation: note the German troops slaughtering en-masse the Jews ... note the swastika on the Vilnius cathedral ... in the 1989--1991 period coverage, note the Soviet tanks crushing civilians ... note the huge cannons on the tanks, which had surrounded the parliament while the elected representatives inside were withdrawing Lithuania from the USSR (one tank-cannon shot would have destroyed the parliament building) ... note the street barricades, erected by the people, against the Soviet assembled forces ... note the mass-protest assemblies of people demanding Lithuania's freedom from the USSR ...

*** technical note ***

-- for best viewing: use 'full-screen', 'high-quality' settings, with sound 'on'
-- you may have difficulty viewing, if you have a slow Internet connection, or an old computer; if you still have difficulty viewing, then ask a teenager for help !!! "Kids-these-days" seem to well understand such things... !! :)

*** And: ANOTHER !!! ***

If you enjoy the above-cited presentation, perhaps you might enjoy another presentation by Dr.Udrys: "Millennium" http://blip.tv/file/2324260

English language -- Angliskai kalba

"Tukstatmetis" http://blip.tv/file/2324548
Lietuviu kalba -- Lithuanian language

-- This presentation presents the historic events of Lithuania from ~1,000+ years ago: from the founding of Lithuania to the first mention of 'Lithuania', to the defeat of the Teutonic Knights; to about 1569.

-- I had some difficulty understanding this presentation; I will want to re-view, and to discuss with some friends who are knowledgeable with ancient LT history ...

-- I understand that Dr. Udrys has also produced another presentation, (which I have not yet located): "*Republic*" (released November 2009).

Best regards,
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