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Articles Home » Rezginele » Rezginele:gruodzio|December 23, 2009
Rezginele:gruodzio|December 23, 2009
Labas, su Sventom Kaledom!
It's Christmas already, and thoughts, for some, turn to the oldest of family traditions, Christmas Eve Mass. 
Here's the basic info:
Auros Vartai:  Choir will sing Christmas carols starting at 9.30pm, on Christmas Eve.
Mass is at 10pm.   Refreshments afterward in the hall...
St. Casimir's Christmas Eve: Mass is at 10:00 pm this year.  There will be a short concert starting at 9:45 pm.    Following the mass, there will be the traditional wine and cheese and a sweet table. All are welcome to attend.  
Christmas Day Mass is at 11:00 a.m
Vasario 16 / Independence Day commemoration...and now for something just a little bit different..
For this year's program, come out and enjoy the presentation of the lovely and talented Nijole Narmontaite.  This talented performer hosted Lietuviu Dienos in Toronto this past October, and even if you don't understand much Lithuanian, you will appreciate her stature and her beautiful voice. 
For those who are into more recountings of an adventurous nature, Paulius Kovas will speak of his experiences sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on the Ambersail, in commemoration of Lithuania's Millenium Anniversay.
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