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Rezginele: kovo|March 25, 2011

by admin on March 25th, 2011
INA VARKALA’s EXHIBIT – Ina’s exhibit winds up this week-end at the Beaconsfield Library from March 1-March 27.
303 Beaconsfield Blvd.
PRIE STALO!  reminder…10am, Saturday, at St.Kazimir’s!
Bring your aprons, peelers, and beverages!
AUSROS VARTAI: Mass this week will be back to 10.30am.
Last week’s annual parish members meeting was attended by about 45 members.
Aleksas Piesina and Petras Paulauskas were acclaimed for another tern to the Parish committee.
Parish finances were reviewed, suggestions and recommendations for improvements were discussed,
and coffee and cake were enjoyed.
ACIU to all who participated.
ST. KAZIMIR’S Sunday Mass will be at 12 noon.
FIRST COMMUNION / CONFIRMATION: parents and adults are asked to stay after the session this Sunday
for a quick meeting in the church.
The classes will be at the usual time, 6-7pm, in the usual places.
New e-magazine about Lietuva in English..
everything you need to know, from KGB influence to where to bathe in rose-petals!

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