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Musical Event in Montreal

by admin on December 7th, 2010


Tėviškės Žiburiai nr. 45 – 2010 November 16th

Composer Alexandre Stankevicius’ (Stanké) Requiem Mass successfully premiered on Sunday, November 7th, 2010 at St. Casimir’s Church.  Alexandre had written the music for 10 Latin requiem Mass hymns.  The church was overflowing with people, who came from near and far, Lithuanians and non-Lithuanians, fellow musicians and those who appreciate good music.  As the last hymn Libera Me ended, everyone jumped up and gave Alexandre a long standing ovation.  Artist Sofia Bulota was responsible for the beautiful souvenir programme, which included an In Memoriam section for many departed family members and friends.  Stephanie Stankevicius created the advertising poster and the cross for the programme.

After Mass about 300 people gathered in the church hall to celebrate with Alexandre his success and this most memorable concert.  The Montreal Lithuanian Choir prepared the buffet lunch with a wide variety of specialty dishes and desserts.

The MC for the afternoon was Daiva Jaugelis-Zatkovic.  Msgr. Edmundas Putrimas praised the beautiful music of the Requiem hymns and the young, brilliant  maestro.

The parish priest Paulius Maliska,  as pastor of both St. Casimir and Our Lady Gate of Dawn Parishes, welcomed everyone assembled, who came to this outstanding Requiem Mass and to lunch.  He too praised the composer and his musical compositions, which will be heard in Lithuanian and non-Lithuanian churches and homes for a long time.  Rev. Maliska thanked St. Casimir’s Parish committee, the joint choir, and the Requiem committee.  He was very grateful to Msgr. Putrimas, Père Pierangelo Paternieri, and Vilija Jatkonis, representative of the Lithuanian ambassador in Canada, for their attendance.  The pastor thanked the Montreal Lithuanian Credit Union LITAS for their financial support.  Then Vilija Jatkonis, on behalf of the Lithuanian Ambassador Ginte Damusis and of the Republic of Lithuania, congratulated Alexandre Stankevicius “one of Canada’s most talented Lithuanian composers”.  Last year Lithuania celebrated its 1000th anniversary.  After 1000 years we have still managed to preserve the Lithuanian language and traditions.  Mrs. Jatkonis presented the composer a souvenir book on Lithuania’s millennium.  Ruta Klicius, vicepresident of the Lithuanian Canadian Community National Executive Council, congratulated Alexandre and presented him with a souvenir book describing the Song Festival held in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2009.  Speaking for the Ottawa choir “Arija” she felt honored on having been asked to participate in the Requiem première and gave him a gift from the choir.

Daiva Jaugelis then invited the very emotionally moved composer to say a few words.  Once again, everyone in the hall gave Alexandre a standing ovation.  In his speech Alexandre said he felt very loved by the surprisingly large turnout and by the ovations.  He thanked his family and everyone who helped organize this event.

Alexandre especially thanked his good friend Kristina Kliorys from Boston, who encouraged him to compose and to finish the Requiem. Kristina put the score in sibelius, checked and corrected his compositions, and sang all the women’s parts onto the learning CD for the choir.  Alexandre also thanked Alice Skrupskis, president of St. Casimir’s Parish committee.  When he asked Alice if he could use the church for a concert, she immediately set a date.  So he was forced to complete his work and prepare for a concert on November 7th.

Daiva asked that people sign a guest book for Alexandre before leaving.  Father Maliska blessed the food.  A pleasant afternoon was had by everyone.

Vida Lietuvninkas

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